Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Windy Shoot

I am a bit late with this but I was going through some pictures my sister Caitiln had taken recently and found some good ones of the last 3D shoot we went to. It was a fun shoot as a preparation for hunting season. The day was terribly windy with a brutal cross wind on the practice range resulting in me breaking one of my new Gold Tips before the shoot even began. Most of the targets were straight forward but there were some tough shots, including a 60+ yard shot at a caribou across a pond and a standing bear peeking through a tree which we almost didn't notice. I at least managed to hit all of them. The day was hot and with the relentless wind we decided to call it a day after the first round. It was a fun day and a nice practice.

I haven't uploaded them all but there are a few more pictures here:
Sanford 3D Shoot

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  1. wow great pics keep up the good work