Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Crazy Life

Unfortunately it seems that life does not always go as planned. After nearly 9 months of waiting for this next hunting season to arrive my S.O. and I encountered a major setback which changes things just a bit. Not only will our hunting season be more of a challenge(if not impossible for him), but I now question the safety of this city we live in. About a week ago he was assaulted and badly injured for absolutely no reason by some unknown assailants who I now wish to injure myself! He will be off work for months due to several broken ribs and has a cast on the arm which also happens to bear his trigger finger. Though archery is not his thing, his passion, goose hunting, will have to wait until next year I'm afraid. In past years we have done all our scouting for deer together and his muscle was my tree stand set up help. Archery opens on August 30th here and the 25th for black bear. I have no stands hung. Nothing is ready. Last year I waited until the last minute to do my set up and really didn't want the same to happen this year but it appears that I am not in luck! I will have to go venturing on my own next weekend and see what I can manage in terms of finding a spot for my stand.

All I can hope for now is his speedy recovery.


  1. That sucks. Wishing S.O a speedy recovery

  2. So sorry to hear about S.O.'s assault and hope he gets well soon and everything works out so you can hunt. Surely, someone should be able to help you set up your stand. Hang in there - everything will be alright.

  3. Don't get discouraged. I'm sure they are some excellent ground spots in your area. I hope the friend does recover quickly, though.

  4. I'm very sorry to hear about the assault but I want to tell you you can't let things like that dictate your life and what you do in it. Of course you will be leary and nervious but stand your ground, show no fear and fullfill your dreams

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  5. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words, they are very much appreciated. Things are slowly getting better as he heals. I have enlisted my sister as my new caddy for this Sunday's 3D shoot AND have convinced a friend to help me haul out my stand on Saturday!

    Things are looking up :)

  6. Sorry to hear about your bad luck Rogue and I hope things go well for you both this year. Have you considered buying a Trophyline Tree Saddle. Might be a good solution to your tree stand dillemma as you are essentially wearing one. Cabela's in Winterpeg might have one.

  7. Glad to have found you.

    That's a damned shame when honest decent folks can't be left in peace go about their business. Let's be thankful that it wasn't worse, and lets hope that the miscreants find themselves well and severely punished for their misdeeds.

    Best regards,
    Albert A Rasch
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