Monday, August 2, 2010

New Arrows

I had been planning to pick up some new arrows for quite a while and after scouring countless websites and reading many testimonials I decided I wanted to try out some Gold Tip arrows.

I wasn't really sure which type I wanted so I went to Heartland Archery, the local range where I often shoot, and asked what they had in stock. (I had inquired there previously about the Ted Nugent Gold Tips because I love the zebra stripes but decided against them due to their drastically increased weight.)

The staff member who helped me showed me Gold Tip Ultralights and told me they were lighter than the Easton Powerflight 500's I had been shooting before. Sounded good to me. Lighter = faster.

My bow has an IBO rating of 350fps. I knew it was shooting at 269fps with the Eastons. I wanted it faster. I ordered half a dozen of the Gold Tip Ultralight 500s with Blazer vanes and had them cut an inch shorter than my old arrows with the same 100 grain field tips.

A week later they were ready and I was ready to try them out. I haven't had the chance to shoot them through a chronograph yet but from the first shot I knew they were shredding out of my bow. My groupings were slightly high, which I expected, but TIGHT. Everyone at the range was commenting on how fast they were flying.

I'm extremely pleased! Can't wait to check them out with the chrono!


  1. Hi Laura - Great blog you have here.

    Good choice on your new arrows. I'll be picking up a new set in the next week or so but haven't quite decided which ones I'm going with yet. It is always fun getting a new set of arrows. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Emily,
    Good luck with your new arrows and thanks for your comment. I'm very new to this.
    Cheers and straight shooting!