Monday, September 13, 2010

Bowhunting Virginity: Lost

Wow what a week! It seems like ages ago since Tim and I packed up and left home two Saturdays ago for our hunting holiday, but now I realize how quickly it really passed. Good times were had by all and I can't wait until next weekend already.

Unfortunately I had no luck all week in my deer stand but by random chance I was presented with an opportunity of a different sort. I had just returned to the cottage from a sighting-less deer hunt when Tim received a call from his friend who lives a two minute drive from the cottage. He had just seen three bears in a field behind his house. I still had a bear tag that I hadn't filled in the spring. I grumbled and mumbled, grouchy and cold and didn't overly care at that exact moment. We drove over there anyways and brought my bow of course(It never leaves my side during hunting season). We walked down a quad trail behind his yard and crept around a utility shed at the opening to the field. Lo and behold all three bears were there eating acorns. Tim and his friend hid behind the shed and I slowly crept around it
and up to the bear. I got within twenty yards of the bear before it noticed me and raised itself to a sitting position and stared right at me. Arrow already knocked, release already clipped to the string, I drew my bow and released the arrow. The bear bolted into the thick willows and the other two took off. I knew it was a fatal hit. We found my arrow, that had passed right through the bear, at the bush line where the bear had gone in. Lots of blood. We waited for almost an hour just to be safe then followed the heavy blood trail right to the bear, about eighty yards into the bush. With the help of a few locals we dragged her out of those awful willows and there she was. My first black bear and first archery kill.


  1. Congrats indeed!
    Nice job Laura ☺ Way to get it done stick n' string style!

  2. This is awesome news, congratulations. I bet you are pumped and ready for your next outing now.

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  3. WOW - My congrats to you Laura...I'm so proud of you! AWESOME! :) That was really up close and personal...I don't know if I could do that or not! You really had to stay FOCUS! You Go Girl! :)

  4. Thanks everyone :) I am totally pumped about this and feel more confident than ever. Looking forward to seeing some deer now!!

  5. Congrats! I have to be totally honest and admit that I'm a tad jealous. Sounds like you will have some good meat for the freezer. Awesome!